Socket Wrench Holders

Ever since I learned that 3D printers were at thing, I’ve wanted to do this. I designed a socket wrench holder for 3/8 drive fractional sockets. It will stack with others in this design series. I included the fused filament printer support in the design file so you can print it as-is; you don’t need to add support in your slicer software. It works with a single extruder, and does benefit from a color change at z = 22.2 mm. (Between z of 22.1 and 22.2 will work well) The 190x80mm footprint will fit on most printers.

  • Socket holder for 3/8 drive fractional socket set
  • Stackable
  • Support structures for FFF printers included in .STL
  • Single extruder
  • Recommend color change at z = 22.2mm
  • 190 x 80 mm printer footprint
  • No post-print-processing, other than breaking away the printed supports

I recommend yellow for fractional sizes and red for metric, following the Bondhus color conventions.

3/8 drive fractional



The .STL file for 3/8 drive fractional sockets is here: STL for 3/8 drive fractional socket holder

The .STL file for 3/8 drive metric sockets is here:


Feel free to use it or modify it, but not to commercialize it. If you make any money off of my designs, you then owe me money. I believe the concept is called “Copyleft”.


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