Hands on Space: Agenda 2016-08-03

Who am I?

Paul Mirel, NASA contractor, Chief Engineer for the PIPER project, and MICA Staff, Visiting Engineer.

What is this meeting about?

3D printing for Education and Outreach

Why start a group?

I, and others, have experience and expertise in 3D printing. NASA has a public database of 3D models. Many of them are unprintable. Most of them are not optimized for 3D printing. If we can pool our resources and skills, we can make the NASA 3D database a source of models that anyone can print on a consumer level 3D printer.

With a database of ready-to-print models, the public can print their own models of NASA hardware and phenomena, and we can print models for Outreach events, project discussions.

Do we have any experience with 3D printing for Outreach?

Pat Haas and I printed a model of the EUNIS suborbital rocket, and Pat used it for Outreach, along with the flight spare nose cone. The combination created greater interest than the nosecone alone has done in the past.

Questions so far?

Do you have any material prepared?

Yes: General Guidelines are here:  http://pmsciart.com/project/preparing-a-cad-model-for-3d-printing/ Instructions for designing and printing dovetail joints are here: http://pmsciart.com/project/dovetail-joints/

Demonstration of the Black Brant fin joints, and the dovetail test parts.

How can I get involved?

Sign up in person, or email me.  Also, let me know if you want to remain on the email list for future meetings.

Thanks for your time and enthusiasm!

General Discussion.



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