What does drowning look like?

Having encountered four drownings, saved two, lost two, and having lost one of my best friends to drowning when I was not there, I strongly suggest you read this, particularly if you have children. Learn what to look for. Slate Article: Drowning doesn’t look...
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Diffusion Choir Kinetic Sculpture

A kinetic sculpture that reveals the movements of an invisible flock of birds. Source: Diffusion Choir ×...
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Generative Design Puts the Material Where the Load is.

There’s a reason this engine block looks like the interior of a bird bone. Both put material only where the load is. Super! Article at medium.com Instructable on how to use DreamCatcher to iterate to make shapes like this. Amazing....
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Possible 7C temperature rise by 2100.

Atmosphere may be more sensitive to greenhouse gasses when it is warmer. Makes sense to me. Possible 7C temperature rise by 2100. Which would bring 20m or so sea level rise with it. If we don’t stop air-dumping carbon now. “In a paper in the journal...
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Hi! I’m Paul Mirel.

I’m a spacecraft systems engineer and teacher. I design and build space instruments to measure the light leftover from the Big Bang, and I teach engineering skills to art students. I make pottery, too.

I hope you enjoy what you find on my webpage!

My opinions are my own, in case there was any question about that.



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Crash Course Arduino Inputs and Outputs

Crash Course Arduino Input Output Reading: Electricity First hour: Inputs Using a meter to read Voltage. One battery, two batteries, three batteries, in a pack. In most cases you want to connect the black lead to ground. Graphite variable resistor with alligator...

Crash Course Solidworks for Elephant Toys

Ultrabasics: Pin the Menubar: Upper left of the screen, Solidworks logo, hover on the black triangle to the right of the logo to expand the menu. On the right end of that menu bar, there is a grey pushpin. Click it to pin the Menubar open. Start a New Part: File,...