Billionaires Are the Leading Cause of Climate Change

“That’s largely because there is no “free market” incentive to prevent disaster. An economic environment where a company is only considered viable if it’s constantly expanding and increasing its production can’t be expected to pump its...
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Artist, dying of heavy metal poisoning from working with mussel shells, speaks from experience about environmental pollution.

“I’m now 59 years old, and my quality of life is poor. But while I continue to work, even though it’s more difficult every day, I feel a terrible sadness. When we talk about environmental damage, we speak of declines in populations. Numbers and species. But I’ve...
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Question and answer: 2018-11-24

1. Harley (who told me today that she builds electrical circuits with her dad for fun): How can you make something (e.g. the wire polarizers) thinner than hair? Hi Harley! Keep up with the electronics! It’s how the world works these days! A brief diversion:...
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Inge Ginsberg and the TritoneKings: Death Metal

If you want a long life, laugh at death. Inge Ginsberg (now 93) survived the Holocaust and became a spy for the Americans during WWII, smuggling arms to fight the Nazis. She married a composer and they...
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Hi! I’m Paul Mirel.

I’m a spacecraft systems engineer and teacher. I design and build space instruments to measure the light leftover from the Big Bang, and I teach engineering skills to art students. I make pottery, too.

I hope you enjoy what you find on my webpage!

My opinions are my own, in case there was any question about that.



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Emperor of the World

Jeff Bezos is trying to become Emperor of the World. He’s succeeding. Don’t fund him. Don’t buy from Amazon, Zappos, Whole Foods, Audible, Fabricdotcom, etc. Protective orders against FOIA requests is not acceptable. “Under agreement between...

Sensors Workshop

LiDAR_sensor_readout.ino   ARDUINO_V2 datasheet in PDF...