Get started with the Arduino Integrated Development Environment and the Uno.

File, Examples, Basics, Blink

Learn the code:

better_blink code

Connect an external LED and resistor

Learn about pseudo-analog, otherwise known as “Pulse Width Modulation” = PWM

pseudo_analog_ramp code

Learn to measure voltages with a multimeter. Make an analog voltage using a variable resistor.

Digitize an analog input voltage.

analog_input_test code

Use the Serial Monitor and Serial Plotter

Run a servo motor

simple_servo code

Connect a system: Input, Processing, Output.

simple_system_test code

Oooh pretty lights! Learn how to find an external library, where to put the file, and how to control neopixels

simplest_neopixel code

simple_neopixels code

Write your own code to use an analog input to control neopixel outputs.