I connected and programmed a set of LED lights and an Arduino to make a Jacob’s Ladder effect for the fluid movement water ballet. The show is called “Science Fair”.

The LED strips are of the Neopixel style, though the are an off-brand. They are flexible circuit board strips in a clear silicone rubber sheath. The LED lights themselves are the World Semi WS2812 packages that have three colors and an LED controller/ address controller chip.

I tied all of the six address lines to a single arduino output pin, so each of the six strands of LEDs show the same pattern. This works because the input current at the address pin for a WS2812 is very low. So low it is listed as “—- +/- 1uA” on the data sheet. The output pin of the arduino can source 20mA which is much greater than 6 * 1uA = 6 uA.

Here’s the arduino code: neopixels_jacobs_ladder_jumpered_strands.ino

Here’s the schematic: Jacob’s Ladder Effect Schematic

Jacob's Ladder Effect Schematic

Jacob’s Ladder Effect Schematic

Video of the Jacob’s Ladder stage piece will be here, when I get one.