Yeah, no. The best human cyclists make around 300 Watts of power. Average US household uses 1000 kWh per month = 30 kWh per day. 30kWh/ 300W = 1000h. So an hour of hard cycling would meet 1/1000 of your energy needs for an average household for a day.

“Just imagine” indeed. That’s the only way it’s going to work. In your imagination.
Refrigerator alone uses 1200 watt hours a day. So ignoring efficiency losses in conversion from bicycle to electric power (which will be substantial) you’d need to bicycle hard for 4 hours just to run your fridge. Efficiency is probably less than 25%, so you’d really need to bicycle around 16 hours a day to run your fridge. Only your fridge, not any lights, or TV, or anything else.