Best Practices for Electronics Systems

Best Practices for Electronics System:...
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Workshop: Fly Behavior Simulation

Fly Behavior Simulation...
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Soldering for Electronics

Soldering Lesson Sheet in PDF format Soldering Lesson 2017-11-04 Safety: ☐ Don’t touch the hot end of the iron to your skin, or vice versa. ☐ Wear safety glasses. ☐ Use an exhaust fan so you don’t breathe the fumes. ☐ Use solder that does not contain lead metal, if it...
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Rapid Climate Change: What can I do about it?

I thought about building carbon-capture machinery. I could do that. But then I thought about how that research is funded. The ONLY solution is to fill the Government with Scientists and Engineers, particularly women. Then we might be able to achieve significant carbon...
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Hi! I’m Paul Mirel.

I’m a spacecraft systems engineer and teacher. I design and build space instruments to measure the light leftover from the Big Bang, and I teach engineering skills to art students. I make pottery, too.

I hope you enjoy what you find on my webpage!

My opinions are my own, in case there was any question about that.



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