BitCoin individualism at the expense of societal collectivism

BitCoin mining uses a staggering 0.5% of the entire human use of electricity. How big is 0.5%? NASA’s entire annual budget is 0.5% of the US Federal...
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The very first computer program was written by a woman, Ada Lovelace

Anyone who tells you that coding is for men only is not only a misogynist, but also does not know the history of the profession. Meet Ada Lovelace, First Computer Programmer, And The Social Technologist Who Founded Day In Her...
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Microchip design principles were developed by a (transgender) woman.

If you are reading this on a computing device (computer, phone), thank Lynn Conway. The principles on which all microchips are designed were developed by a woman, Lynn Conway. She was a transgender woman, and brilliant and unstoppable even in the 1960s, even in the...
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Hi! I’m Paul Mirel.

I’m a spacecraft systems engineer and teacher. I design and build space instruments to measure the light leftover from the Big Bang, and I teach engineering skills to art students. I make pottery, too.

I hope you enjoy what you find on my webpage!

My opinions are my own, in case there was any question about that.



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